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Creating A Website that matched the finesse level of their chauffeur services

Project Description

Fabio Giambarresi is a renown local, Bristol based barber that wanted to create a brand that represented his unique identity. Having created a renown attention to detail reputation since establishing in 2010, we paid special attention to introducing a clear theming around Fabio's personal identity, rather than just the service he offers.

Clients frequently refer to Fabio as ' Fab The Barber'. Our design process intention touched upon the obvious heritage and tradition of Barber shop graphical elements, such as the Barber pole, yet including enough to break away from the competition, due to the clear USP of Fabio's personal identity.

Project Details

  • Re-Branding

  • Website Design & Roll out

  • Marketing Material

Fab the barber .

Content creation is the glue of any project. Investing in creative, bespoke, engaging content is the heart of any process we work on. We never just build things; we push the boundaries of what can be created.

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We worked through an extensive design process focusing on a different graphical approaches, with at each stage presenting and liaising with the client to ensure it was in-keeping with his vision. A large part of the design process is presenting and designing what your clients are unable to visually convey, yet giving them enough creativity that we don't just design what they have subconsciously seen before from their competition.

logo design

Our focus was about creating a brand that felt in-keeping within a family of graphical elements that could be utilized across a range of digital and print based mediums. Graphical elements such as iconography and imagery are essential to be able to create a brand identity with longevity.

Business Cards


We never just design something and then send it to our clients, we think about the end presentation to our clients. We consider the medium it is intended for i.e. digital or print, we then create suggestive graphic rules for our clients to use when putting the design into practice once it leaves our studio.

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