Brand creation for traditional Barber

Fabio Giambarresi is a renowned, local, Bristol based Barber, that wanted to create a brand identity, for his growing barber shop. This project included, consideration to ground up brand generation, comprising of logo design, typography, colour palette, iconography & stationary design.

Hex 191919

Hex DC2A2A

Hex E7E7E7

Uniform Design

Personalised uniform is an effective way to showcase your brand identity and increase your day to day brand presence. We created a clean, embroidered, traditional, polo t-shirt design, with subtle custom label & stitching inserts.

Website Design

Creation of a responsive landing page website, that enables communication of Fabio's new brand identity, virtually increasing his online presence. Also allowing all of his online social channels and marketing efforts, to be grounded to one centralised website. Additionally, the website importantly allows communication of vital info such as, 'opening times', price list, contact info and a bio about Fabio.

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