Expert Brand & Website Design Agency in Bristol

We are Joe & Megan, the creative’s behind Be Noticed Design. Our design agency in Bristol specializes in creating powerful brand identities and stunning responsive websites that truly resonate with your audience.

Joe and Megan, founders of Be Noticed Design, smiling at one another, in front of Expedition Everest at Disney Animal Kingdom theme park.

Our Bristol based design agency has a full suite of in-house experienced designers and developers providing tailored creative services. From Logo design to full Brand Guidelines, seamlessly across to static website design, to full website development.

We built Be Noticed Design with a clear ethos to be a design agency that does more for our clients, with passion at the heart of everything we do.

We are an unapologetically small team of talented branding experts, graphic designers and website developers that combine creativity with technical strategic thinking. Whether you're a startup looking to establish your brand or an established business seeking a fresh look, our design agency in Bristol is here to help you stand out from the crowd.

We Craft Stunning Brand Identities

The brand identities we create are tailored to your business, we meticulously define your essence, values, and visual elements to resonate with your audience. Our process ensures authenticity, differentiation, and lasting impact, driving meaningful connections and competitive advantage for your brand.

Collage of logos designed by Be Noticed Design

We build beautiful responsive websites

Our experienced Front End website designers and Back End developers have vast knowledge and creative experience, to enable us to create truly bespoke responsive websites, that works effortlessly across all devices, transforming your online presence.

Joe has over 10 years experience building powerful brands & websites, for an array of clients in Bristol and beyond. Having worked for larger design agencies, Joe co-founded Be Noticed to work closer with clients and offer the highest level of creativity, with less red tape! When Joe isn't designing, you will find him blasting along the water, on one of his old 2 stroke jetskis.

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'My core design philosophy is that all businesses deserve to be powerful brands, regardless of their size. Over the years I've worked on some of the worlds largest leading brands and what I always try to communicate with our clients is strong branding sets you apart, fosters trust, and builds emotional connections with customers. It's the foundation for long-term success and growth in today's competitive market'.

Megan has an extensive background in marketing, having worked with global brands like Disney. Passionate about storytelling, enchanting audiences, and driving results, through magical campaigns. If you didn't guess Megan is a Disney addict and if she could, would live on Main Street USA in Disney World.

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Headed up by lead designer Joe & Marketing expert Megan, Be Noticed is an unapologetically small team of five creative designers, who specialise in Brand Identities, Website Design & Development, design for print and Marketing. Our core philosophy is that all businesses deserve to be powerful brands, regardless of their size.


In our design agency, passion is the real reason we do what we do, passion isn't just a job requirement—it's a way of life. We are all creatives first and foremost, who love to design and find the best creative solution for our clients. We bring genuine love for design to every project we work on.


Creativity is the fuel behind what makes our design agency so powerful. We embrace creativity as the cornerstone of our philosophy, guiding us to innovate, inspire, and exceed expectations, crafting impactful solutions that resonate authentically with audiences.


We believe design is not just about creating things that look pretty. Our design agency craft effective brands and websites that go beyond aesthetics, focusing on authenticity, user experience, and strategic storytelling to drive meaningful connections and results.


Honesty in design involves transparent communication. In our design agency, if we think something isn't going to work or believe your current brand, website or marketing strategy is in-effective, we will be honest. Offering constructive feedback, and collaborating to find solutions that genuinely meet the needs of clients and users.