Brand & Website creation for VIP chaffuer Brand

Through thorough research, design and planning, we delivered a clean, easy to navigate, HTML 5 website rendered with stunning photography contextualizing the luxury services they offer. Home James have seen a 70% increase on online engagement due to the effective implementation of sign up and contact forms for easy booking.

re-structure | re-brand

A brand is key and for Home James this was a clear weakness in their business identity. We took things back to the drawing board to cover all brand identity basis and the result is a brand and online presence that now matches the level of luxury and hits Home James clients expectations.

responsive design


We build websites that react beautifully to all major internet browsers.


Handheld tablet usage has seen a large increase vs conventional desktop & laptops, therefore we design tablet specific features.


Whether you’re using an 11 inch or 17 inch laptop, be confident your website will work seamlessly.


We create eye catching mobile experiences, with unique mobile features.

optimized perfectly for all devices

We implemented a clean HTML 5 website which is fully response and beautiful to use and interact with.

clean design

4G Wifi


Recline Seats


12v Power

Privacy Glass


Surround Sound

Climate Control

iconography design

The Homes Chauffeur vehicle fleet is iconic for the stand out features and special touches. We introduced a clear and clean way to convey the differences between each vehicle and make it easy for clients to decide which vehicle is right for them.

user experience

clean navigation

Using responsive, easy to navigate menus and clear tactile feedback, it makes finding what your looking for so much easier.

vehicle information

We introduced clear and informative vehicle vital stats and description, to ensure clients pick the right vehicle for their journey.

meet the team

HJ Chauffeurs prides themselves on there Chauffeurs, therefore we introduced a 'meet the team' page, allowing clients to see chauffeurs before their journey.

imagery is key

Working closely with brand's, we believe capturing the right imagery is vital to telling the right story.

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