March 26, 2024
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5 Reasons Why You Should Chose Webflow For Your Website

Unique websites every time

Unlike other builders, Webflow doesn’t sacrifice the design element for the sake of the development of the website, it does both. Webflow allows beautifully designed websites, with all the capabilities of a sophisticated website build. This allows you to communicate your brand language on to your website and have a website that looks different to everyone else out there. Not only will you stand out sing Webflow, but your website will look better.

Editor Tool

Webflow is not only a truly responsive builder, but it is a ‘visual builder’, meaning at the point of hand over, clients can actually be confident they can interact and on their new site, with more confidence. As inherently you don’t need to be able to code to update and modify a webflow build. Webflow allows for complete design freedom and offers ‘out of the box’, much more beautiful animated designs, with much less developer time. This means, once we have built a site, if you didn’t want to ask us every time to update something, you can login to the Webflow Editor and update it yourself. It’s that simple. Not only does this improve development cost, but also gives you more ownership over your website and allows you to make regular updates, thus keeping your website up to date, which is inherently good for SEO and gaining new clients. See, Webflow is awesome!

Still keep what you’re used to

Webflow offers all the traditional building capabilities with no tangible drawbacks, as you can still, where necessary, integrate 3rd party widgets and utilise custom code. This means you don't have to leave all the things you love behind. Webflow still accepts custom code and integrations, if there’s something that you really need to have in your website.

CMS & Ecoms Natively in Webflow

Here’s a game changer that many people don’ know about Webflow...Webflow offers CMS and Ecoms natively to your website. This is a fantastic way to create a shoppable site, without having to use a template that can look similar to your competitors. I’m sure it’s no surprise when you think of having a website that sells products, your first thought is ‘Shopify’, I get it, it’s in the name. However the down side with Shopify is, their sites are clunky and hard to use and update. This means you’d have to keep going back to your development team with updates. Also Shopify sites can look out dated and ‘samey’. As sites like Shopify don’t prioritise having beautifully designed sites like Webflow does and having a graphically stunning looking website, can be the reason why a potential new customer stays on your site to browse, instead of hitting that ‘x’ button straight away.

Lastly, with the CMS route, its super simple to use, again through the Editor login which we touched on above, Webflow allows you to easily edit and update blogs, meaning you have more control over your website once it’s finished. In the backend of the CMS options in Webflow, simply update the text, imagery, titles etc, and it’ll pull all the information on to a new blog post.

Instant Publishing

In addition clients benefit from instant publishing of projects to a ‘’ staging sub-domain for free. This means, throughout the building process, we like to send clients their staging sub-domain to look around their site, to see if they have any changes and amends. Also the use of the instant publisher is really helpful when you want to login through the Editor login, make any updates and just click ‘publish’, your site is then immediately updated. Seems too good to be true, but it isn’t.

We have converted over 100 clients from the likes of WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify with proudly 0 clients reverting, Webflow truly is the next generation of website building...check out the projects we’ve designed and built below.